Sunday, May 9, 2010

Spring cleaning!!


May 002

Wintertime leaves our place looking dingy and cluttered outdoors so I always look forward to the big clean up at the beginning of Spring.

I relocated the snack bar and seating and got rid of lots of JUNK!!!!

Can you see  my fuNkY  GardeN MobiLE?

So simple- I just hung some VinTaGE  GardEn  tools from wire attatched to a cast off iron disc-don’t ask me what it was before this, cause I have no idea!!!

We had a chance to try out the new arrangement this weekend and it worked out perfectly!!! So pleased it’s done and ready to use easily this summer.

It was a Happy Mother’s Day! We had a ton of fun this weekend!

May 006

Abby  visited  some baby chicks this week and loved em –every one of em!!!!

May 009

On to pick out the perfect pool for Abby and Wendy to play in the water.

Yay Summer has arrived!!!

May 010


countrynmore said...

I honestly don't look forward to spring cleaning. I am glad that you had a nice mother's day.