Monday, April 5, 2010

More fun in Texas….

trash girl
Yep- that’s Liz trying to retrieve a treasure from the trash!!! A true recycler!!!!  : )
annahs hatbottle tree
Finally had to call it a day!!! My oh my did we have fun!!!
 farm show 033
Maybe too much fun? !!! I’m sure the night clerk thought we were imbibing in something other than good old girly fun!!!
farm show 042
MArilyn tried to convince William that we were being hard on her-  he’s smart- he didn’t buy it!!!  :)
farm show 041
Next adventure!!!!We were up early and out to have more fun-

farm show 050
A wonderful treat!!!!
The Antique Rose Emporium!!!
farm show 051
farm show 058
There really is a yellow brick road!!!!!
farm show 062 farm show 065
farm show 068
Home again!!! Tired and happy-very tired!!!
 farm show 073
Always the artist- Marilyn was tweaking ideas for our flea market next weekend- come out and see us at the Fairgrounds in Sulphur!!


Bubba said...

Baby, that top picture with liz... psst... those aren't trash bins, they're porta potties <:o

countrynmore said...

Great pictures Autumn. Thanks for sharing your fun time with us.

Autumn said...

Yeah well, she just got away from the trash can before my camera could catch her!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by Sharon!

CountryBlessings@Lakewood said...

What fun!!! I became a follower as I'm also into simplicity. Stop by anytime to say hi. My country door is always open.

Autumn said...

Thanks for stopping by Cindy- on my way to check out your blog.