Saturday, March 27, 2010

Perch jerkin’


spring 2010 013

It’s time to stock the pond again.

Abby went with me to pick up all the big plastic bags of fish at the feed store.

spring 2010 002

She donned those pink striped gloves all day – not just for the fish project. They were a real hit too! :)

spring 2010 008

She helped temper them and then release them into the pond-

spring 2010 012

She even named a few of them. This one is named SMUDGY.

Hopefully,Smudgy and his friends will have an appetite for worms this summer!!

The catfish we stocked with last year are impossible to catch on a line- no fun for the kids at all.

We’ll see how this fish  population works out pretty soon I think.