Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Last minute agenda…..


cruise sitting 4 002

With time running short we really had to cram a lot into our last day together!

We started out at the park- after yet another attempt to play PuttPutt failed.

The kids had a great time!

ry at the park


The big ones AND the little ones….

special swinger


tight rope walkin

By 1 o’clock we had been to the park and then on to Cici’s Pizza – can somebody please tell me why we did that?

The really weird thing is that there were lots of people there without kids- why would anyone in their right mind go there –especially without kids? It’s loud- crowded – tons of cryin kids and pizza on the floor as well as the tables……

By the time we got to the interstate all 3 girls were sleeping!


Wendy started her day out with a nap….good thing too because we still had LOTS of day ahead of us!!!!!

wendy slping

Guess I’ll have to make this a “to be continued”-we still have lots left to show you about our last day of fun!!!


marilyn said...

girl, i don't know how you do it.
maybe God grants us superpowers when we spend time with our grandchildren.
at least i hope He does!
Oh, you will be so proud of me, i ordered the pioneer woman cookbook. it should come in today.
i hope it inspires me to get back in the kitchen.

Autumn said...

Oh it will! Very Big Family friendly too.
Yes- AHe does grant super powers when with the grandkids-they actually bring out the best in me!
Stay tuned for the day abby and I had yesterday! She is a hoot!!!!