Thursday, November 26, 2009


The feast day is almost over! Then the world moves on to purchasing uneeded items for everyone they know. : / I know..I sound cynical....but I just hate the abuse of the gift-giving thing.

ANYWAY..... today was a good day- different in lots of ways, but still good.
For one thing- we ate off my grandmothers china- it's beautiful,no?
I don't remember ever eating off it before-
Also I didn't cook- my mom treated us to a feast! it was just adults this time- yes Luke you counted as an adult!!!!
How did my moms hands turn into my grandma's ??? Funny how that happens.


  After the feast Luke and I went to see a FUNNY movie!!!!!On our way to Lake Charles we listened to Michael Buble'...waaay too loud!!! Must have been a funny site  too- 16 yr old and 50 + yr old singing "you know how I feel" very  loudly and without inhibition!! :)
We had a short wait so we played a game of Air Hockey- I WON,TOO!!!!!!GAME OVER!
What fun that was!!!!
We laughed so hard at the movie!! It was wonderful !!! I think it's therapeutic to laugh that much in public!!!

Finally we stopped to see PawPaw Jack and play in his wheelchair....uuummmm...I mean visit!!
He laughs so hard at Luke!!!!
He spent the day with Bob and his family and said he had a great day!


Sheryl-lyn said...

Sounds like a great day!! I love those dishes and your momma's hands. I notice that my hands become more like my mom's every year.