Sunday, October 25, 2009


Looks like a landslide to me! Everyone agrees I need to replace the camera.
It gets really annoying shopping for a camera- so much advice and so many to choose from.

After reading reviews and talking to LOTS of folks I'm leaning toward a Canon Powershot-
anybody have complaints on that one?

Not sure if I'll buy online or local- gotta save a little green first!


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hey there Autumn,

I'm a Sony or Nikon girl. The one I use right now is a Sony Cybershot..I've had it for 4's perfect for photographing closeup..I'm saving for a SLR digital...made for action shots and you can add different zoom and wide angle lenses..I really need that now with the birds I see flying in the valley below us.

Good's confusing to say the least!

Ok, for the Craftsmen's Fair...I bought two handmade brooms and Thomas found a large display case for is his pocket knife collection. Lots of many talented people!


Dawn Dutton said...

Autumn, I have a digital Canon Rebel which I love. It is a SLR digital. I also bought a Sony cybershot and have had to send it in to the camera shop twice and have not owned 6 months. It is very disturbing to me that it had to be sent in. The Canon Rebel I have owned for over a year now with NO problems. I had a 35mm Canon Rebel as well and it was a wonderful camera. It takes wonderful photos. Good luck... too many too choose from. Blessings, Dawn

Ruth said...

Autumn~I have one and I love it!!
No complaints here.