Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The death of my camera!!!!

It is a SAD day here!!!
Actually, I am just now coming out of shock from the trauma of yesterday!   :)

After over 6000 pictures my camera revolted and died  yesterday. The last picture I took was at the DMV when Luke got his license! I missed his fun birthday party at work altogether!

We shared cookie cake, Blue Bell ice cream and lots of laughing with his friends at work and his sisters!
He celebrated his first day of driving alone by stopping at LOWES! Isn't that funny????
I just LOVE being able to say that he's "wasting money" at a store like that rather than on other stuff he could clearly choose.He's a great kid!!!

Now on to the bigger questions of I continue to blog or not? I KNOW I'm not a good enough writer to carry the blog with no pictures. :)
I know what your thinking....why not just buy another camera?
I might....... but I am trying soooo hard to be frugal( don't laugh honey,I am!!!) and I hate to think of spending money AGAIN on a camera! UGGGH!
I say we should vote on it!!!
Yeah- that's it! I'll put a voting button up and see what you guys say!!!!

NOW GO VOTE!!!!!! 
Hey if you vote yes- tell me what camera you use. I have no desire to learn lots of new tech stuff- just great pictures with minimal brain activity!


cinnamongirl said...

I voted yes you need a camera because how else will we all know what you are doing and we want to see the grandkids growing. Besides you would waste time emailing each of us individually to stay in touch. Lol I love your blog!!!!

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Well Miss Autumn,

This IS a no-brainer get in your car and get to a camera shop pronto!!!!! No more talk of not cannot give up that easy..hehe...without pictures I'd be a totally retarded blogger...LOL I'm way to visual to ever make words look good enough!


Only By His Grace said...

I love your Blog, and you can not quit!!!!! I have a cheap Olympus. It has been good but I miss my Sony Mavica.

Ruth said...

I love your blog and I definitely think you need another camera. Not just for the blog. There are so many reasons for needing one. There are some great deals out there right now. Get out there and get one!!!


Justin The Bald Guy said...

You know this is really not a question. You know darn well everyone will vote yes. You have to have a camera... so what you are really doing is trying to prove to dad that you really do think before you spend :) Remember I lived with you guys for a little while. So the question you are really asking is...when, you get a new camera, what kind should you get.

Buy Canon. Don't buy the cheapest you can get, but don't buy more than you will ever use... a Rebel is pretty much a good all around. Its bulky though, and if that will keep you from using it, the quality of pictures is useless to you. So the little Canon Powershots are really good. Lacey loves hers and it fits in a hip pocket or a purse.

Love you,
Ya boy,

Autumn said...

Right you are,son!!!!
I am asking what kind- but it feels a little like an addiction sometimes- I often wonder what the point of all of it is!
Until I can come up with a reasonable answer I guess I'll keep on blogging and taking pictures!

Off to look at Canon info!

smoothiejuice's hectichousehold said...

sooooooo........did you get a new camera yet? i have a sony dsc something or other, no brainer and it does what i need. i love looking at your guys are showing me the way.

Sheryl-lyn said...

Of course you are to get a new camera!! My cell phone takes good pictures that I use sometimes. Bet you could do the same until you plunk down some money for a new one. I use a Sony.

electricdunce said...

Autumn, You definitely need to get a camera, with all those cute babies in your family, and it is always fun to read your blog. I have an HP and it is enough for me, I think there are lots of good reasonably priced cameras out there, and of course, the photos are priceless....