Wednesday, September 2, 2009

On your mark...get set ........ go!...........................

Just a side note-

It's hard to say why a particular song or music touches a person, but from time to time something in me "feels" something in music and I can't get enough of it.

Honestly, I don't listen to much music- I guess I never really learned to appreciate it properly -(might have something to do with the 60's-70's music overload!!!)

ANYWAY- for reasons unknown to me, the two songs I added to the playlist were
pieces that touched something in me-
I sure wish I understood what.
                                                   or not   :)
This is one of the first things I saw this that's the way to start a day, if you ask me!!!!
I get to spend Wednesday mornings with Wendy and do we ever have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is such a happy, fun baby and we do have lots of fun together!
She fed the chickens,planted calendulas and went fishing with me before 9 am. Ok, she WATCHED me from the stroller...but then she got sleepy so fishing fit perfectly!!!!!!!! We even caught a tiny perch!
Of course we had to check Lukes schoolwork- but that doesn't take long....... then it was time for her to go home and I took Luke to work.
I also got to stop for a quick snuggle with Ryland...he is growing sooo fast! Abby was spendiing the afternoon with we took off again.  Before heading to the house we stopped for a visit with a friend and a quick tea party..for the little girls ,of course!!!
Finally,we were on our way.........
After my last disaster   in the garden I decided that seeds were too risky. I picked up some sizeable lettuce for Abby and I to plant.
Add fertilizer first.....
Then drop a lettuce plant into the ground(prefferably with a chubby childlike hand!!)
And cover each one up with your very own hand rake!!!
 We had such a good time !
Poor kids never do play when they come out- we always work!
Well- some of us worked!! The dogs were all over the garden and driving us crazy!!!!
Sara and Wendy stopped to see the cousins before they left and lots of kisses and baby games were played!
Wendy was really interested in her boy cousin,too!!!
So sweet to see them all together- such sweet moments!!!


monica said...

The pictures are absolutely adorable! You sure have a cute bunch on your hands!

Autumn said...

Thanks Monica!
So glad you stopped by!

Beverly said...

Wonderful pictures...great music. You are beautiful, my friend!! And....... truly what you have and for what you share!!!!

Bonne said...

Can't believe how much Wendy has grown!!! She and Abby are such dolls and Ryland such a handsome young man. :)

electricdunce said...

Those bloomer are fabulous, aren't you clever! There is satisfaction in creating clothing, and it is a bit easier on the budget. Wendy is just such a little dazzler! All your grandkids look so beautiful (Can you tell I don't have any?) They look so happy.

Well, I['m just going to go wander through your blog for a bit....


Autumn said...

Thanks to all of you!!!

I do enjoy sharing day to day things- not sure why!
But I also LOVE visiting all of YOUR blogs too!!!!

Only By His Grace said...

I'm not old by any means but, your music selections sure do take me back to a place I would love to return for just a moment to smell the air, and soak it all in again. It always puts a smile on my face and makes me think of old friends.
Thank you.