Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wild horses!!!

Somehow I neglected to get a picture of Ryland's quilt posted- but here it is!
I call it Wild Horses and I just love it!!!!
It was lots of fun to do and the fabrics are my favorite-batiks!

The only thing I wasn't pleased with was the inner border- it should have been darker but still it looks nice.
I did just very minimal embroidery to suggest the features a bit and then used a few strands of floss for the mane and tails- again, just enough to suggest the features themselves.
For the backing I chose a very boy-ish blue paisley and then binding is a bright green botannical print.
All the quilting highlights the beautiful sunset colors of the background.
I enjoyed working on this - I never got tired of the fabrics- they are so smooth and the colors are just wonderful!!! Speaking of wild horses- :) Luke is enjoying the fruits of his labor-
After 3 weeks of work he's finding out that the hours of work pass a bit quicker the closer ya get to payday!!!
Christopher brought him a guitar (something Luke was planning on saving for!) so an amp was the next item on the shopping list!
He's happily back in the music again!!!!
Thanks Chris~ I think!!!????


Ruth said...

Gorgeous quilt. Sounds like Luke is enjoying himself.

Jami said...

Beeeutiful work there, girl! Love it.

Autumn said...

Thanks ladies!!!!
Jami- good to hear from you.
Been a long time.

Beverly said...

Wow, wonderful job!! Beautiful quilt.

electricdunce said...

Autumn, that quilt is so great, I love it! I know your grandson will treasure it...