Sunday, August 30, 2009


We had such fun today! Sometimes it's hard to get all 3 families together-even though we all live so close together. We still didn't get Luke- he had to work.   :(
Here's a run down of our day~
"Granny! I'm here, and I brought you a cake!!!"

"Let's go feed the chickens!!!"
Sara and Chris got here just in time to snuggle Ryland a little before we ate.
Andrew brought some fantastic steaks to grill! MMMMMM! They were sooo good!!!
The next thing I know the guys are taking off for Lake Charles!!!!! And even more strange....they are going SHOPPING!!!!!!!!
About that time I got this sweet picture from Justin and Lacey...what a nice addition to our family day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aunt Bekah and Wendy played a little......
and Ryland napped......
...Abby and I played....
...and cooked..  
watched the rain.....
watched the boys play Wii.....
had a bubble bath and it was time for everyone to go home!!!
Saturdays are so much fun!!! YAAAAAAAAWNNNNNNN!
Time for this old one to shut the eylids for some rest!


Beverly said...

Good morning, friend. Beautiful many blessings.

Hugs to you!!!

Autumn said...

Hey Bev! Thanks- they are pretty special!!!!
I love it when days "just happen" the way this one did- not too much planning. They really are such good kids!!!
Tks for stopping by !

electricdunce said...

Oh my, what a lovely way to spend the day, making memories with your grandchildren...That last picture is just too SWEET!