Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dirty feet in HEAVEN?????

A few months ago my good friend Liz read a poem or quote by an older woman that has really stuck with me. I have no idea what the words were exactly but they meant this...sort of....

"I'm excited to wake up every morning and see what wonderful things transpire. What will I do, who will I see and where will I go..... there are so many things I want to do and I won't put off doing them" This woman was in her 80's!!!!!

I have to admit that I sometimes struggle with "the meaning of life" - I mean just the day to day meaning. I know that God has a plan for me and I completely trust Him - but sometimes I just "feel" like this is all so pointless- this "waking- up- and- getting- through- a -day" stuff.

When Liz read this little womans story I remember her saying that she(LIZ) would LOVE to be doing_______________. It was something I just laughed at- it was one of those things that was really Liz but NEVER except in a nightmare would I think of doing.

Dying of curiosity???? Let's just say it was exercise related- and I don't do that stuff!!! :)

Anyway I started thinking of things I really wanted to do- then I started asking myself WHY I wasn't doing some of them. And you know what I found out?
Mostly that I had no real reason not to pursue those things-except laziness and loss of excitement for life. What a waste!!!!

I started making conscious decisions on a daily basis about those things- they weren't big things just interests and hobbies that I wanted to try my hand at. As thought more and more I decided to take action-after all I don't think the arrangements are being made for my funeral just yet!!!!

What a life changing direction!!!
I have found myself excited to greet each day- not dreading the mundane chores and routine but getting them done because "dessert" is waiting.
I have had a summer full of activity and it has been wonderful!!! I have tried soap making,candle making, I am growing a garden, having fun with my chickens, designing clothes and re purposing everything I can get my hands on.

All I can say is that if I go on to glory anytime soon my feet will be dirty and my hands will be numb from the fun I'm having!!!!!!!!

Isn't this the coolest watering system ever??? My sweet hubby drilled holes in a piece of PVC that we had on hand and capped one end and put a fitting on the other for my water hose- no more lugging the hose around!!! Thanks honey!!!
Luke started his first real job today. He's working at my all time favorite store-81!!!!
He'll be working in the shop out back , getting paid for doing what I've had him do for years for free!!!! :)
This place sells Primitives and antiques-and the best candles ever!!!!!


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Good Morning Autumn,

I so agree with.....*Living this present moment* ALL the time! It's so easy to wind up in a rut of "have-to's, must-do's, oughta-do's" instead of what it is we REALLY would like to do right now. :0)

I don't remember who said it but it goes something like this....*don't find yourself lying on your death bed and asking, *What was my life really about and saying *I have so many things I wanted to do and never did*.

One of my most favorite affirmations is:
*Live Life Like You Mean It!*

Oh, and about your son's first job..oh my, I'd have to work double time to pay for all the stuff I'd be wanting to take home with me! :0)

Hugs, Steph

Sheryl-lyn said...

Glad you heard that poem!! Sometimes we all need that little jump-start to remind us that we are supposed to be "living" not existing, right? You have always been so active from what I can see, so I can only imagine what you are accomplishing now!

Luke is going to have the most fun at this new job!!

Ruth said...

What a great post to get us thinking about our day to day lives.


Carol............. said...

Thank you...I need that...!
Life sometimes seems to just "skittle" by us and we need to remember what really IS!