Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ok~ back to the vacation!!!!


It was wonderful to see so much farming on our way to Missouri! Field after field of corn and a few fields of beans.

It somehow seems restful to look at the huge farms.





Once in Missouri we spent the day at Silver Dollar City which was loads of fun!!!!

branson bound

We rode roller coasters(a first for me!!) shopped and walked lots of miles just in that day alone!!!

Luke purchased a custom belt and visited with the artist as well.

belt maker









Yikes!!!! This thing looked like it was gonna run us over.......titanic shipBut after closer inspection I decided to board the ship and star in a movie! What? You don't think I look like Kate Winslett????titanic

 Our next stop was at Gabe & Kims. Check in soon to see more great pictures!