Sunday, July 26, 2009

Next stop-Kansas!!!!

I simply can't express how good it was to finally hold my little namesake in my arms!!!!!! It's so difficult to not see your child for 2 years- let alone see your 9th grandbaby(or any other for that matter) until she's 9 months old!!!
She has,as you can see, the cutest little fountain-hair and her spirit is sweet and quiet. She's a happy contented girl!!!

Her sweet sister Kaydence is just as sweet!!! It was unreal to see how mature and helpful KK is with both her siblings. I just kept feeling like she was "an old soul" in a tiny body- so serious and yet so tender. Truly a sweet heart!!!
The men spent most of the day cooking a brisket and talking about EVERYTHING!!!!! Of course they took their appointed naps!!!! Kim and the kids took me to the local Arboretum- it was breathtaking!!! We had a wonderful time together!(I know I have the two most wonderful daughter-in-laws in the whole world!!!!)
I just love this picture of Kaydence- just looking at the waterfall and quietly drinking it in.

When we returned from our adventure the brisket was finally ready! Oh my goodness it was good!!! And it was so good to share a meal with my sweet boy and his sweet family.

The ever watchful Kaydence- she dotes on her sweet brother.

This blanket that Aidan is sitting on is so cool- it's weighted!
Aidan is autistic and something that calms him is this blanket- it's flannel with weighted squares- inside the squares are little bean bag pellets. As soon as Kim showed it to me I could see & feel why it comforted him- I LOVE IT!!!! I'll try to get a picture edited and put up a how to or a link to instructions on making one.

It was a teary departure but I was filled to overflowing having seen my kids so happy and settled where they are.

“Being a mother is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”
Every time I start to write about our vacation and how great the kids are all doing I just sit and stare off into space. I look at the pictures over and over and relive the moments, trying to seal them even more in my mind, if that were possible.
Then I start thinking of the kids that are here and wondering how it must feel for them to be all grown up and watching us grow older. I feel sorry for them cause they have to put up with the trials of duty to the old folks(not just us but the grandparents that are here) and balance their lives under our watchful eye!!!:) it must drive them crazy!!!!
Then my heart is just so full because I can say that I am truly proud of all 5 of my kids and their spouses- and I am equally proud of my teenager! How can that be???
How can such diverse people come from one home environment and yet be so very different???
How can they have such different lives and yet be so pleasing to me?
How can I exist with so very much of my heart “walking around outside my body”?


Beverly said...

Wonderfully touching post, Autumn...your words strike a chord with me for sure! Glad you are having a wonderful vacation...glad you are sharing it with us!! Are you coming to PA???

Ruth said...

Great post, Autumn. I can't imagine it. It is hard just knowing that my daughter is 16.

You have a beautiful family. Cute grandkids and it seems like you had a great time.

Miss chatting with you.

Stop by my blog sometime.