Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Making a splash!!!!

Whose makin'  that splash???? I'll give you 3 guesses- nope, not Luke......nope not me....


  100_6559Does this help any????  Look at him holding his nose!!!!!                                                                                OK  I'll tell ya- it's Asa , Andrews youngest brother. He and a friend,Kim  came down for the weekend and we got to spend Sunday afternoon together. It was a good ole' fashioned day with watermelon,swimming, lots of kids and plenty of good belly laughs!!!

100_6544Oh yeah I forgot the 4-wheeler, shooting guns  and fishing!!!!

Of course the fish tormented Andrew as usual- he only catches those big ones when nobody is around!!!! I know Andrew enjoyed getting to spend time with his brother- and we surely enjoyed it! 100_6549