Thursday, June 11, 2009

More than just pickled cucumbers....

100_5851It may not sound good but if you like boiled eggs and you like pickles you will love this recipe!!!!







This is my husbands special mix-

100_5853Hard boiled eggs(whatever amount fits your container)we used a half  gallon jar

1-8oz bottle of Season All

1 bell pepper,sliced

1/2 onion sliced

 1 jalepeno(optional)

50% vinegar


Boil all the ingredients(except the eggs) together and pour over the peeled boiled eggs.

That's it! It may take a couple of days for the seasoning to fully penetrate the eggs but MMMMM! when it does! It's a great summer snack!!! Store in the fridge.


kslmyjoy said...

ooh ooh I can't wait to try this one!!!

auntbum said...

Small eggs work best too- I forgot to add that! Be careful when you use old pickle jars- they work fine if you don't do the water bath,which is unnecessary in this recipe, but crack if you do.