Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sweet little girlies!!!!

I have been treated to so many pleasures lately- especially by seeing these two sweet little girls!!!
I am convinced that only grandmothers know and are convinced that childhood passes in the blink of an eye! When you're young and busy with the little ones underfoot it seems as though it lasts forever. The most irritating thing about it all is the "mature" women squaking about slowing down and enjoying those long tedious days!!

Now I am the old woman squaking ~

Too bad ya don't take this kind of advice until it's too late to use it- at least I didn't.


pumpkin seed said...

I remember when Abby was the size Wendy is in that picture. I can't even tell you where all the itme has's like I blinked and she was two! But I wouldn't tell you that on a day to day basis!

Beverly said...

What a couple of cutie pies...and how lucky are they, to have such a wonderful grammy!!!!

Hugs to you, Autumn.
Happy Memorial Day!!

cinnamongirl said...

lol Just enjoy them yourself. Yes the time does pass by fast and funnier yet is they will be saying that to thier kids. They are always our babies even when they grow and have thier own. Enjoy you have earned that. Hugs

Ruth said...

Two beautiful little girls. You sure are blessed.