Monday, May 4, 2009

My little flock....

I want to introduce you to the girls- Daisey,Lillie,Zsa Zsa, Eva Bridgette,Madeline and of course Jake(our toy rooster).100_4899





As funny as it sounds, I look forward to seeing these girls every morning. They peek through the wire at the top of the henhouse as soon as they hear me scooping out food to fill the trough.

They flutter out the door the moment it's opened and happily cluck and start breakfast.I stand there watching them as they settle into the morning and then start cleaning the house and nest boxes. I have one broody( a hen that won't get off the nest) hen,Madeline, and I pick her up ,check the egg she's setting on and clean her box a bit.She currently has only one egg- we marked it the day we allowed her to keep it-April17th.

The incubation time for chicks is 21 days- that means we should have a baby chick or rotten egg on May 7th(STAY TUNED for the outcome!!)

I won't pretend that we ever planned to make money with chickens- or even to save much. The goal was to provide more of our own diet for ourselves, through care and keeping. Being closer to our own food just makes sense to me.

I think chickens are one of the easiest farm animals for beginners - they don't require much more than protection from predators,food and water.

Our 6 hens provide plenty of eggs for the 3 of us-so think about how many eggs you want to deal with BEFORE you decide how many hens to buy.

By the way- I have eggs to barter or sell if you're interested!!!

($2.00 doz.--$3.00 18pk)