Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's almost done!!!!!!!

100_5629This picture expresses exactly how all of us are feeling- whipped!!!! The little house renovation has been a daily after-work-job and we are all starting to show signs of..... being  just plain ole' pooped!!!


So much to do and so little time!!!!


The power trucks were in and out on Tuesday, leaving us electricity!!!!

My hubby has been sick this week so I am trying to help keep the job in focus and pick up materials as well as help Luke.

Luke has learned soooo much- actually I think I'm the one learning. I had no idea Luke knew how to wire receptacles,switches and lights and so much more!!!

All the guys have done a great job - especially when lots of things got left in their hands in my husbands absence.

We are only a few days behind schedule and it looks like the kids may get to put that mailbox up shortly after the weekend!!![gallery link="file" columns="2"]