Sunday, March 8, 2009

NEW TOY!!!!!

When our kids were small we never spent much money on toys.
We didn't have a big plan to it all but we figured kids have imagination so it should work out.

Back in our childhood days( don't roll your eyes!!!!) we didn't have all the "component" pieces to hundreds of toys. It was a simpler time- nobody thought a lot about it.
But since they have all mostly grown up we have spent a little money on "toys" that have been lots of fun!!!
I found this little tractor seat on wheels at a garage sale last weekend and it just NEEDED to come live at my place!!!
Of course as soon as I took it out of the car it was taken to the shop and BIGGER wheels were put on!!! :) GRRRR! MORE POWER!!!! :)
Men are so funny and so predictable....................not to mention FUN!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ya'll find the coolest things.That looks like a lot of fun!!!