Monday, January 19, 2009

Wendy will be here soon!!!

My youngest daughter is expecting her first baby in just a short 6 weeks! This little one will be our 9th grandbaby. I have managed to get a quilt done for each of them so far, but I sure was getting worried this time. So much LIFe has happened in the past few months that it kept getting pushed to the side.

It's finally finished-except for the label-tomorrows job- and I am so relieved!

The Umbrella girl squares are old- I pieced them about 10 years ago. I never did finish the project but I loved the design so much that I pinned the squares up in my sewing room.

Sara always commented on them and loved the clouds in the background- it was a natural choice when I knew she was going to have a girl!I was especially sure once she told me the name she & Chris had chosen-WENDY.

I couldn't match that cloud fabric for more squares so I had to improvise.

The border fabric kinda suggests a little wind-and just in case that wasn't enough a added a little whimsical cloud to one corner . All the quilting in freehand swirls for the same reason-to add "movement" to the quilt.


Bella Modiste said...

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~The Bella Modiste~

Ruth said...

It is wonderful!!! You are so talented!!! What a great quilt for a baby.

Penny Kendall Photography said...

Beautiful, Autumn ... as always. I know Sara and Wendy will love this. What a wonderful, lasting gift to offer your heritage. Now you are beating me ... 9 grandbabies. I'm going to have to talk to my kids about this. =0)

smoothiejuice said...

so cute...the cloud...great idea..your girls are lucky to have u!

KKJD1 said...

Beautiful and Wendy could not be any more perfect. Cant wait to see your new addition in 6 weeks!
Blessings, karen

Autumn said...

Thanks everyone so glad you stopped by!
Penny- you better talk fast- Bekah is due in August and that makes 10!!!
Being a granny is the best!!!!
But you know that already!

Kim said...

It's absolutely beautiful, and yes like smoothiejuice said and as a honorary girl of yours we are very lucky to have you.

Autumn said...

HONORARY?????? I don't think so!! YOU ARE MINE-and precious to me!

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Autumn, your quilt turned out soooo pretty. She will be so tickled to know that her grandmother made her such a precious gift.