Friday, January 23, 2009

A PiNk day!!!


Antique quilts, pink peonies, cupcakes,candies and so much more PiNk!!!

Sara's baby shower was a happy PiNk  day- as usual we had LOTS of the best food on the planet, served in the most beautiful dishes ever crafted , prepared by the finest women ever to take a breath  and lots of  love and memories!

Gwen brought some old pictures to share  and make us all laugh! We had a grand time and...oh yeah...Sara & Christopher got lots of wonderful handmade things for baby Wendy.100_4691Surrounded by lots of wonderful women Wendy is off to a good start already~

Pictured above ;

Julie,Nancy,Me , Mom, Sara,Ruby Miller,Elaine Johnson ,Bekah & Abby

These three are up to no good- I can see it in their eyes!!!!What were ya'll talking about????



Lacey Carroll said...

OH, how I wish I could have been there to wish this baby well. I guess we will just have to come down :) We are planning on it in late march, or early april.
Cant wait to kiss that fuzzy head!

auntbum said...

Oh goody!!! I had no idea you guys would have time off.
We missed having you here as well!