Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Unpacking memories

For the past few months I have been decluttering my entire house. I have even begun to work on the attic boxes!! I know it sounds extreme but so is my ability to collect EVERYTHING!!!
I have always saved things, "just in case"- in case of what I don't know!!!
After visiting with one of my niece's on her 30th birthday, I realized that it was time to give her and her sister and brother their little memories that I had tucked away for them so long ago. They moved from here to the Houston area nearly 20 years ago, and I guess I have only recently realized that a tiny part of me kept hoping they would "come home". Silly, I know , but they were part of us and I just never really thought they would stay away. It was hard to lose them and harder still to grow so distant.
While we visited I told her I had a box of things for them so that I would not let myself out of it!

As I opened the trunk- a huge steamer trunk- I sorted through the dresses- none bigger than a size 3 or 4. The memories of them in those dresses were still vivid! They had been tossed out(I think by accident) and I rescued them from the trunk of my father in laws car.
Also in the trunk was Matt's thumb-sucking blankie- a tiny blankie with ears and a bunny face. He would twist and turn it while he sucked his thumb- I could still see him as a little baby boy.
I allowed myself to remember and think about it all- and then I put each one into the box and closed it.
I realized that I needed to let go of lots of things and this was only the beginning.
I hope they hold as many sweet memories of us all together as I do!

So here I go- letting go!!!!


lavendar fields dreamer said...

i am too working on letting go, i seem to keep everything cause i remember this with that item and that with this item. however it has taken over my house and now i must declutter.

Autumn said...

It does feel good to clean it all out! It takes a bit of priorotizing- but it sure makes ya feel lighter once it's done!!!
Good luck with "letting go"!!
And thanks for stopping by!

Ruth said...

Autumn~your blog looks gorgeous!! You make such beautiful things.
I have been decluttering, too. I have a huge pile in my basement now for a yard sale in the spring.

KKJD1 said...

Wow I know they will appreciate getting things from their past to share with their families. Even though it is hard to let go maybe it will bring you closer in the long run. Hope you have a great weekend. Blessings, karen