Sunday, December 14, 2008

"SNOWDAY" and Hospitality!

Wasn't it a wonderful treat?????? I know the northern folks are laughing at us but when ya only see snow every 15-20 years it still has the awe and wonder that we dream about in the decades between!!!  :)


HOUSE TOUR 2008- another wonderful treat!!!

Our meeting point was Bekah's house-


Besides getting to see some new decor' we were treated to warm doughnuts(from Vee's, of course!) and juice.


 We also  gathered a   BIG bag of goodies for the Lighthouse in Reeves!


Thanks ladies for you generous donations and thanks Rebekah for a great idea and your hospitality!!!!

 As you can see , a good time was had by all!!!!!


Our next stop was at Heather & Jimmy Guillory's home where we were treated to scrumptious delights!!!

Recipes are forthcoming!!!

As you can see, Heather has some very  able help!!!



Another chance to laugh, share and enjoy the hospitality of our hostess. There was even a little bit of show-n-tell. I didn't get a picture of Heather's-but I did snap this one of Amber's latest project.


Next it was on to Lake Charles to our final stop and a few laughs and even some inspiration at Marilyn & William Meaux's home.


We also had a drawing to honor those who donated items for The Lighthouse-

100_4344Abby did the honors and the WINNER IS......................................AMBER! Your gift is at Liz's- thanks for your donations again ladies! The ministry at The Lighthouse will be blessed!


Besides a great cup of coffee and some yummy snacks Marilyn treated all of us to a walk through of her home ,some funny stories , lots of laughing and .... William even helped out by providing us with ONE SOCK left on the sofa -ooops!! He's gonna have some explaing to do now!   :)

It was the perfect ending! Thanks Marilyn(and William!) it was great fun!




  Our second annual home tour is history! I can hardly wait till next year!!!!


bubba said...

Good for you William. At least you put a mark on your territory. I got home the other day after visitors came and had a really hard time finding any of MY stuff. From toothbrush to shoes & (socks), deodorant to comfy clothes... I wasn't there

Kim Carroll said...

You're always there. You built that house with your bare hands and lots of love for your family, and it shows!
Totally cool snowman!!!!
I'm so jealous of your beautiful home, did you paint it yourself?

bekah said...

daaaaaad, you are soooo pathetic ( HUGGZ!) You wouldv'e been a great candidate for a drama club in high school ... : ) And kims comment was the sweetest and absoulutly're all over that house! : )