Monday, November 24, 2008

More to say "thank you" for........


This sweet young lady has come through heart surgery and has a bright future ahead!!!

We love you Leslie!!!



Today, my sweet hubby called from work with monumental news!! He peeled a sticker off by himself at work!!!  Why are you laughing?????  :)

OK OK , he's had a great sense of humor about suffering with psoriasis(among other things  :)  ) for 35 years- but now that technology has advanced, there is a treatment that keeps it under control. What does that have to do with the sticker?

One of the complications of psoriasis is that the nails are disfigured and lifted off the nail bed, preventing the nails from functioning as they ought to. Now that they are improving he can peel a sticker, pick up change and more!!!!100_2226We were blessed to add a new son to our family this year ,too! What a party we had!!!!100_3723


We watched our dear friend struggle through devastation , treatment and back to hope again!