Thursday, October 9, 2008

Vintage Buttons......

I just love Vintage Buttons!! A few weeks ago Bekah found these on one of her thrifting trips!!! Aren't they fantastic?? The cards are as interesting as the buttons themselves.

She also found some with old movie stars on the cards. Ive never seen any like these before. I'm not even sure why I enjoy them so much- but I'm too old to try and figure all that out- I just said,"Thank you", and RAN before she changed her mind!!!!!!


Ruth said...

I love the vintage buttons. I enjoyed your pictures below. It looks like you had alot of fun.
I finally made it over here.

marilyn said...

the vintage buttons are great!
congrats on the new grandbaby. she is beautiful!
it's early sat am, and i was playing catch up with your blog.
i do love seeing bub play wii.
you guys are a hoot!
i miss you. love, maire

Autumn said...

Ruth- thanks for stopping by!!!I stopped by your place earlier in the week.
Maire- So good to hear from you! I have been sooo behind that I am playing catch up to catching up!!!!
I have to agree- my hubby is a hoot!!! I sure am glad we decided to get old together- he's so much fun!!!

I went garage sale shopping today(as if I needed to buy anything!) and found some great stuff! I post pics soon.