Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A special gift for a special friend...

Today was the last day of watercolor painting classes for Abby and I.We have enjoyed learning the basics of watercolor painting from Helen. It has been a pure delight for young and old!! I would never have guessed that I would enjoy this kind of art but I do! It is unbelievably relaxing!

To thank Helen for all her hard work Abby made her a special gift- and she really did make it herself! She also made one for her momma &daddy- and they turned out so adorable!!!

Here they are- step by step

In case you were wondering they are TURKEYS!

And they are truly "yard birds" - we walked out into the yard for all the basic supplies! 

Thanks again Helen,for a wonderful experience!!!


Kim Carroll said...

Those are too cute! I wish one could fly all the way up here but I don't think it would make it in one piece. I'm gonna have to get KK to make me one.

lacey said...

Awe! I love it! What a great idea. That will have to be our thankgiving craft for this year! Sure wish we could be with you guys for the holidays! Lexi told me last night that she has been dreaming about going home. We are ALL missing you home and each one of you! We are praying hard for the first of the year. Give that Abby girl a kiss from us.

Justin said...

So when do we get to see the watercolor pictures?

auntbum said...

Thanks Kim and Lacey- we copied the ones we made when you were all here several years ago.
Tell the kids I have our birdseed candle holders out for decoration again this year!!!
It makes me miss them but it's also a happy memory of all of us being together. :)

Jus- likely not until you are here and somebody else shows them to you- (the watercolor pics) they are purely for enjoyment and they aren't all that- but they do represent rest and peace in the flesh!!! Who would have thought????