Friday, October 3, 2008

Letting go....

It's only been a few weeks since we rescued this little squirrel and she is an adolescent already! She was getting restless in her cage and we all knew it was time to start reintroducing her to the wild. Luke got a firsthand experience of "letting go"!

He has been a diligent "parent" and caretaker so "letting go" didn't come easy. Knowing what was best,reading info on the internet and knowing the reasons it was best for her to be returned to the wild did not make it easier either. But the day came when he had to open the door of the cage  and just watch. (I'm seeing a parallel here- Just like a teenager getting a   license.) Ya never know exactly what your kids will do once they are more in control of the immediate choices. Those very choices may lead to devastating consequences - and so we parents just stand at the edge of the "cage" and watch. Maggie took her initial freedom well- she was invisible for the first 24 hours and then suddenly she appeared -safe and sound  closer to the house than ever- in the warmth and safety of the laundry room. How long will she hang out here? We have to just wait and see- just like kids. 

It's the not knowing that gives parents their first grey hairs and the getting over their distance that finalizes the total look of grey!  :)




Kim Carroll said...

Our step dad worked the logging industry and was able to regularly bring home day old squirrels. Some were easy to let go while others were heart breaking. The most memorable was one my mom got extremely attached to and I believe she waited too long to let go. He ran up a bid oak tree and froze, he didn't move for a week I can't say for sure he made it. So I am glad yall are making the right decision and letting him go now. I would recommend putting food sources around so he gets used to foraging. Love you guys.

Linda Weldon said...

Sometimes letting go is not so hard. That is when 'they' start kicking and scratching .....I know some of you know what I mean. Doesn't mean you don't love them just learn what alters are all about and trusting God!!!!!!!