Sunday, October 12, 2008

Circular reasoning...( buttons are circular ya know)

This weekend while my mom was busy with her garage sale I slipped off to town with Bekah and we hit a few ourselves. Now you'd think,(watch out- here comes the circular reasoning) that since I am a huge advocate for decluttering , for the sake of siMpLicItY, that I would be busy SELLING things- but instead, Bekah and I found ourselves shopping!

I have decided to come clean- it's true!!! I can not think of one good reason NOT to buy more buttons!!! Especially when they are sooo pretty!!
I also found a tiny chamber pot- I think it's adorable.
Anybody know what the little pink rattle-shaped item is??? I was delighted to find it. It's actually the first one I have ever seen and it appears to be fairly old.
It's a darning egg. Ya stick it up inside a sock to stabilize as you darn the sock!
I have a lot of sewing trinkets- some really old, but this is a first!!!

This little cradle is an exact duplicate of one I had when I was small. A great uncle made it for me when I was about 3-4. It was a very special toy for me, but somehow it was misplaced. We moved several times and lost our home in Hurricane Celia, in Corpus Christi back around 67- or 68 (I think) so I don't really know what happened to it. When I saw this one I snatched it up immediately! On the bottom it has a music box working- it winds but doesn't play.
Maybe I can get my hubby to work on it a bit!