Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A very special project...

This is a special group project that my bible study friends and I did for a dear friend that is just beginning chemo. She is taking brave steps everyday and it will be a joy to present this to her in a few days!!! Each of us signed a bar on the front and several ladies shared the work - making it truly a group project. I hope she feels surrounded by the love of friends during the difficult times ahead.

The back is the white side- not very visible is the inner border of verses from Psalms- in the next picture you will see just a snippet of the front-the pink,black and white bars- and finally the binding is a black & white geometric print.

Start to finish this took about 3 weeks- record time!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Beverly said...

Oh how lovely, Autumn. What a special gift. The quilt on my blog that you asked about....well the very inner picture is, yes, a panel and the rest is just pieced around it. Each corner came from the same panel. That is why the whole thing only took 2 days.
easy squeezy!!!!

Ada Mae said...

What a wonderful gesture. She is bound to feel the love every time she wraps up in that quilt. God expects us to take care of each other and we can do that in various ways. That is why He gives each of us different talents. Some can cook, others sew, some can clean and still others have just the right words at just the right moment to share. I always pray that God will let me be used to help someone in need.
Thanks for looking at my blog and your kind comment. Maybe you can find something else to put a quilt on--oh, but you have--the most important structure of all--one of God's children!!!!!

Autumn said...

I will definitely be on the lookout for that panel! It is so lovely!
The easy part is the best- I must have several projects going at the same time ya know.

Thanks Ada for stopping by!