Sunday, September 14, 2008

Storm update...

So far most of the news is good- Weldon's lost power but minimal damage to their home- Amber & family are fine,Liz & Frank are fine in Sulphur but don't have the final word on Hackberry yet, Heather & family have no damage ...hmmm I think that's everyone I talked to.

I believe Franks brothers & son  (in Grand Lake  & Hackberry) may have had major flooding both their homes and stores. I'll let you know as I find out.

Amazingly Bub's brother in Clear Lake still has a home- it is structurally there anyway- not sure about water damage yet. They were right on the bay - unbelievable!!!! Also my dad had minimal damage and is fine in Houston.

I tried to contact Caroline- there was flooding in her area but I don't know yet about her home.

Many have power, which is amazing- we are still on a generator.

The phones are up now also.