Friday, September 19, 2008

Our first CATFISH FEAST!!!!!

I didn't get the best photo - I was too busy cooking!!!
We fried up 3 catfish from our pond on Tuesday night. They were wonderful!!!! The best taste ever- very different from the grocery store variety. I'm not sure why, but likely because they are fresh and not enormous sizes.
We are planning on buying more fingerlings(baby Catfish) next year to keep the pond stocked well. For some reason they don't reproduce especially well.
We still haven't seen any brim yet- we don't know if they are just skiddish or all gone. We've never seen one since the day we released them in the water.
It makes feeding them every evening worthwhile. Each fish was about a pound or a pound and a half- we filet cut 2 of them and fried one of them whole. MMMM! They were yummy!