Monday, September 29, 2008

IS there such a thing??

Is there a standard for politeness even in blogland???

It's a touchy subject but let's be honest- there are folks who LURK on blogs for less than honorable reasons. It's a sad fact of cyberspace.

Generally speaking blogs are aimed at a specific group or interest. A person might have 2 or 3 or even more , addressing different groups in each.
It just seems honorable to let a person know if you are among the regular readers of a blog- after all, if the blog doesn't address you or your specific interest shared why would you be there?

Most of us have trackers, so knowing who visits daily is pretty easy- but it would be so much more polite to let the author know you visit,by commenting occasionally at least. Your intentions may otherwise be questioned.

It seems obvious to me that a Christian would practice the same rules in cyberspace that he would otherwise.

Admitidly - the internet IS public- but so are phones, and conversations at the grocery store- but you certainly don't "listen in" when you know it's not your businees- do you?
Some folks do.

Anyway- I came across this list of rules that I thought were interesting- what do you think?

Do you have lurkers? Does it matter to you? Just wondering-

(This is just a partial of the list-and in the interest of etiquette here's the author's original work)

Rule #1 - Don’t blog about something that will get you fired, or cause you to lose a relationship. Unless, of course, you’re fine with losing said job or relationship.

Rule #2 - Link Love. Link to those you read, as well as provide relevant links in your posting so people don’t have to look stuff up on their own.

Rule #3 - Comments. If you read someone’s blog and enjoy it, it’s good form to let them know. But don’t let the comments validate your blog. Simply allow them to enhance it. Anonymous comments suck. Don’t leave them. Also, don’t be frightened by dissent or bad behavior in your comments either. The dissent is actually doing you a favor, and if someone is acting improper, simply give them a warning and then ban them the next time. I could really type so much more on this topic, but I’ll hold back for now.

Rule #4 - Be Regular. Nobody likes to visit a site only to see the same post from last month sitting there. Eventually they’ll just stop coming.

Rule #5 - Don’t be long winded. At least too often. There are times when it’s alright to expound a bit. But let that be the exception, not the rule.


Beverly said...

Hi Autumn, it's just me lurking around your see what you have been up to. Right now, I am sitting in my little A-frame all by myself. The farm animals are tucked in for the night...and I will be soon, too. Hope all is well in your corner of the world...and with your lovely family too!!

Autumn said...

oxHey Bev!!!
YOU are definitely NOT a lurker!!None of my Framgirl friends are!!!

Things here are good- hubby is still off with Vertigo- he has had 2 treatments of the Epley Maneuver- he's still in a neck brace. He hopes to return to work in about a week.
Soooo...I'm off schedule a bit but well.
Watch the site for my lap quilt- I'm such a copy cat!!!!!

Jason The Bald Guy said...

While blog etiquette is a new subject to me, it seems that there is really no difference from anything else. I am pretty forthright and blunt in all of my relationships, so I just call things as I see them. If someone shows up all the time on your blog.."anonymously" make them famous!! I would at minimum give them a nickname and post their stats!!

"this weeks top lurker is... superlurker from carlsbad tennesee... superlurker, it is great to see that you visit all of our new posts every day!!! you are more committed than any of our "LOYAL" readers.. hows about your make a comment!"

but... thats just me...

Autumn said...

HA! That would be funny!!!!
Naw- I just wondered why a person would visit regularly but NEVER comment. It is a public forum and as such I expect occasional stuff but I just wondered how folks felt about blog ettiquette? (I bet they wonder why I can spell that too!!)
I just wondered IF there was such a thing as politeness in such a forum.
One of the "rules" in that article mentioned posting a link to regularly visited sites- now I don't do that because I'm not always sure if that person WANTS me to link to their site. I try to always ask before I post a link- that way I don't send my traffic to them.
Ther more I think about it the more complicated this becomes- I think I don't really care who visits or why !!! :)

Jason The Bald Guy said...

well the funny thing is that the web is kinda like a newspaper. blogs are some of the most commonly browsed sites. and there are quite a few that I look at every day without thinking.. that some one might just want a shout out to know that I am enjoying their site. I tend to think that on average non bloggers would do this more than bloggers.

another thing is that nettiquete is constantly changing and is pretty subjective... ahh.. to link... or not to link... THAT is the question.

Autumn said...

Ahhh- well I guess it's just a new idea in communication and really there are no rules.
So I guess the verdict-since not many have verbalized their thoughts- is that it's ok to look all ya want without commenting.
Maybe it's just pride that wants to be stroked anyway-

So readers- enjoy and feel free NOT to comment- though I value the kind words and encouragement that comes from them>
Blessings to all of my readers from all over the world- really- all over the world!!!!