Friday, September 12, 2008

IKE is inching in and we...

...are sitting tight here at home. Just heard that we are under curfew-here's the official word-

Calcasieu Parish is now part of the federal emergency area

Update 7PM: KPLC has just learned that Calcasieu Parish is now included in the federal disaster emergency area. The parish had been excluded earlier in the wake of the previous hurricane Gustav.
Public officials at today's briefings included Governor Bobby Jindal who urges citizens to heed the advice of local officials. As well he says the state is prepared to help.
Jindal: It is absolutely critical that you heed the advice of your local elected officials. But I also want to tell you that your state and local elected officIals are working well together. Resources are here to help those who want to evacuate. Seventy five coach buses are here, five para transit vehicles. The National Guard has got a C! 30 plane to evacuate patients. They've got fourteen additional aircraft to help critical and other patients get out of harms way. Wildlife and Fisheries has positioned 120 boats for search and rescue. National Guard's got another fifty boats. We've got another 100 boats that we can pull in from other places as well, as well as another 100 boats we can ready to be deployed as well. In addition to buses and aircraft we've got over 200 ambulances, we have 300 National Guardsmen in Southwest Louisiana, we got another 3000 prepositioned to come immediately into the area as soon as sits safe to do so after the storm.

Lots of unusual things going on here as you can see. I'll post as I can.


Ruth said...

I just came here from MaryJane's Farm. I am new there and wanted to visit some of the farm girl blogs.
I hope you are safe through this storm and make out ok.