Tuesday, August 5, 2008

News from afar!!!

Gabe & Kimberly will be welcoming their baby to this world in about 6 weeks or so. They have been tossing around names for some time now. Today a decision was made- well I think it was made yesterday- but I got the call today to give us the news of our grandgirls name. It was quite a surprise to me and I have to admit I was speechless- she will be sharing my name-Autumn. 

I just never even thought about the possibility before so I am still kinda shaking my head. I hope SHE doesn't hate it- :)

Kids can sure bless ya in the funniest ways- and when ya least expect it!!!


Kim Carroll said...

The spelling will be
Kalleigh Autumn Carroll,
Isn't it precious? I can't wait.

lacey said...

What a beatiful compliment! What an honor to you! I know she will love her name, and what it represents!

auntbum said...

I LOVE the unique spelling! It is precious indeed!!!! ;)

Shannon said...

Autumn I can't think of a better name to go with Carroll. How honored you must feel. Love you, Shannon