Monday, August 4, 2008

My little world.......

I know this looks all catty-whompus in the picture but really it's looks very good in person!! :)

The door frame is unfinished for a reason- see all 5 kids have been raised here and I just can't cover up their "growing up marks!My husband has offered to make the trim and all for the door but I JUST CAN'T do it!!
They have marked their height there for years and it didn't matter because it was a stud that would be covered up at some point. Only now that all but one is gone I CAN'T cover the marks.
Oh well- it is MY little world and I don't have to!
By the way I just topped the white panels with an antique dresser scarf with beautiful filet crochet. It's the door to my seing room(aka disaster area!)


pumpkin seed said...

That looks REALLY good! Love the curtain! It took me a minute to place where that picture was taken in the house : 0

KKJD1 said...

I dont think I would want to cover up the marks either. The curtain looks pretty there anyways, so no one will ever know those marks are there unless you show them.
Hope you have a great week.