Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Classic "Southern Culture" demands that every boy build a certain number of explosive devices before he can be a "man"-

They don't have to work but once-( hopefully they will ONLY work once)- but it only counts if you build it and then explode it- or some other object.

Ya get more points for blowing up stuff that no one else has thought of-  that doesn't happen often!

No fair using pets!

Can't use flowers or pots  in moms garden- old tomatoes and such are fair. There's lots of rules-----NOT!

YA HAVE to laugh and "woohoo" really loud when it scares the stuff out of unsuspecting onlookers- mainly mom!!! And then ya have to figger out how to make it bigger-louder- go farther-

It's a loooong process- some guys NEVER make it to adulthood! 

By the way- this is a tennis ball mortar- and it fired successfully several times. :)