Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Something new for me!!!

This is the first handbag I've ever made. It turned out cute ,I think.

I had to whip something up fast - I promised my grand-girl a granny bag on Sunday. She has trouble sitting still in church-despite her mamma's best efforts so

I figured something new might get her interest. I loaded it with lots of quiet thingys.

This withdrawal from thrifting might be pretty productive! I am getting a lot done!!


pumpkin seed said...

I'm struggling through the week of no thrifting. I found a great new alternative htough! BUY NEW STUFF! LOL not really, I could spend so much money at Target this week but I am holding back....I've had a little streak of creativity myself so maybe something good will come of this ... : )

KKJD1 said...

How cute I love it. Sure hope it works for the quiet time sunday.

smoothiejuice said...

what a cute bag autumn, love it!!! good luck keepin her quiet in church!!