Wednesday, July 9, 2008

First time home owners!

Congratulations to Justin & Lacey! They have just purchased their very first home! It's such an exciting time of life - a time of putting down roots and calling someplace your own.

Lubbock Texas has become their home and they are blessed to be surrounded by a great number of friends that are much more like family to them.

We would certainly love to have them closer but alas it was not to be- so we celebrate with them in this new adventure!

Justin- how about a little water on that brown grass!!!??? :)


Lacey said...

No worries. The grass is already greened up alot. This picture was taken in the winter. We went to show the girls the house today. They LOVED their lime green room, and the big back yard. We are so excited! Please pray for us as we finish up all of the paper work.