Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fancy flight!!!!!!

What fun we had!!!!!!!!

Luke was to attend Aviation Camp for a week- but due to small attendance it was cancelled. The instructor felt so bad about it that he took it upon himself to spend one full day with the 2 boys who were interested. He took them to the hangar and let them get some hands on experience on the big planes and then scheduled a flight for each of them on Saturday.

I got to go up with the instructor and Luke but little did I know he was going to let Luke not only fly a bit but land as well!!!!

I was soooo proud of my boy- he has been so engrossed in flight for years but this was his very first REAL flight and he actually knew a little something about what he was doing!

Hurray for folks who take the time to share what they know with kids!!!!

Thank you Mr. Carter!!!!!
Bekah and Abby stayed on the ground doing the "Happy Dance" and cheering Luke on!
Of course we had to stop for SONIC ice cream to celebrate!!!


pumpkin seed said...

WHAAAAT?!?! That was the coolest thing EVER! I kinda wish I wasn't so scared to fly because it looks like ya'll had fun!

marilyn said...

What is it that you don't do?!!
You are currently involved with the construction of a poultry dwelling. (aka: poulet palais)
You can whip up a mean batch of rice krispy squares at a moment's notice.
And now THIS!!!!
Why... you little aviator, you.
I am so very proud. Oh, and Uncle Will is also.

And let your dad know, He is no longer the only handsome biker in these here parts of town- 40years of age/or older.
Will got a Kawasaki "something", that looks like a Harley to me, but I stand corrected.
He takes me for a spin every morning just around the block. I actually LOVE it.
But, i will definitely worry when he begins to drive it to work.
Welllll. tell your mum hello and that my kids are begging to come for a visit and take a dip in your country pond.
But, i know with VBS she is probably in the recup stage. Understandably so.
Well, we need to make a day of it with the dads and the moms and all the kids.
Daniel can cook some awesome burgers.
We bring the food, you provide the shade and laughter.
love, aunt maire

Autumn said...

Shade?? Ya want us to provide the shade?????? :)
C'mon over! And yes I wonder the same thing about Luke- is there anything he can't or hasn't done???
He is a very industrius young man!

Maire- ya gotta get the lingo right on the bike- at least what kind- it's a kawasaki ? what????

The good thing about our "well over forty" guys on bikes is that they don't have quite the same daring spirits as when they were in their 20's! And their hair-Bub's anyway- doesn't get messed up!!! :)

smoothiejuice said...