Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Weekend fun.....

Happy Fathers Day-to the BEST there is!!!

Doesn't this look yummy!!! O.K. I'm not a food photograper but it's one of those,"Ya had to be there.." things!

It was cool enough to eat on the patio because we had a bit of rain earlier in the afternoon- and it was mexican food! The cool stuff-tacos,guacomole,and chips & salsa!


By the way- this is how ya ride daddy's bike when ya came over straight from church=no jeans=

I just knew you all would get a kick outta this shot!!

Another wonderful weekend.......this one was especially nice because we got to pamper my sweet hubby! He pours out his life in prayer and other very quiet means for tons of other people-though he would tell you he does little or nothing for others-and I just LOVE it when we get to concentrate on HIM!!! He is the best husband,dad,uncle friend and brother ...because he is truly a godly man!!!!

I just thank GOD he married this heathen girl and pointed me heaven through Jesus Christ!!!


Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

I just think it so sweet that you honor your husband. Sounds like he is equally blessed to have you as his wife.