Monday, June 9, 2008

He finally got the "badge"-

He's always been a policeman- you know enforcing his "laws" to his own satisfaction. :)
One year I got him a shirt that said,"The rules do not apply to me" ~that's just who he is. He defends whoever he views as the underdog - he's a compassionate man with a high level energy and more ideas than he will ever have time to complete.
Lacey has been a supportive and patient wife following him through school for the past 5 years( Bible college & Police academy). The worst thing about their family is that they live entirely too far away! The girls are growing up so fast and for the most part we are missing it.
Sweet family~
Pray for his safety!


Sheryl-lyn said...

What a handsome family! Is he your son or is she your daughter? My son's dream is to be a cop, but he is going back to college while he waits for that to happen. Sounds like your guy here! It is hard when family is all separated!

Beverly said...

Beautiful family, Autumn! What fun to have such adorable granddaughters!

Autumn said...

Justin is my son- #2 in our line-up.

He is handsome huh? He has a wonderful wife and sweet little girls! Very girly-girls.
Yes it is hard to be seperated- but go on we must!

Glad to hear from you Bev- you still knee deep in strawberries??

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Such a beautiful family, Autumn! What a blessing that is!