Friday, June 13, 2008

Great start!!!

I admit that our first VBS meeting was a bit jumbled - like this box of craft materials I bought last week but really it was a great start! LOTS of information was exchanged and things are rolling along. Everyone did their part by getting their list of needs for each area to us for discussion - and that's not a small thing!!!

This is our first ever attempt as a group at such a task.

SO- thank you to each of you who made today successful!

Don't forget to work on those booklets I passed out today.

Next week we will focus on fine tuning the supply list & organizing the acquirement of the remainder of supplies. Also we will post the church sign and finalize the postcards to be mailed on Monday.

After the yard signs are posted we can get the posters posted in the local stores etc.

SEE- it was a good start!!