Saturday, June 7, 2008

Garage Sale find!!!

OK I really didn't need to stop and buy stuff but I did it just the same!

I got a box full of craft items that will really help with our "first ever VBS" this year!

Somehow I got dubbed the "leader" so I am trying to put it together- but it is a little overwhelming.

Finding ways to cut cost and make it fun for the kids makes it feel more do-able!

This bo was full of goodies and it was only $3~~~


marilyn said...

Hey Bum,
Let me know if there is anything you guys might need.
I may have a ton of it, like pom poms or something.
who knows!
when is VBS?
Maybe the kids and I could come and help out or participate.
I had not been paying much attention because i have been ill, and Gracie was enrolled to take an extra class over the summer. So i didn't even think it was going to be an option for us.
But see, things can change for this bunch in a matter of days. Dramatically, i might add!
love, maire

marilyn said...

Oh, i wanted to tell you about a great blog i know you will love. It's
She is so sweet and loves the Lord and her family.
Her most recent posts are about simple homemade projects for the summer.
check her out.
love, maire

Beverly said...

What fun....I remember the VBS days....I put so much energy into them, and the kids always had so much fun! Great yard sale finds!