Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Finally~ a sewing project!!!!

I have done so little sewing lately that it is note worthy to have done this little project!!
It's a bib for a friend living in France, expecting her second baby. Our prayer group is sending a shower-in-a-box to her this week.
I thought the cowboy fringe was sooo cute- can't tell how adorable is is in the picture though.


Anonymous said...

Very cute! Love the fringe and the fabric with the appropriate theme. She should love it!

marilyn said...

Precious bib!

My computer has been very sick for a couple of weeks now. So i was playing catchup on your blog.

I must say i do like your choice of downloads. You will have to add Kenny Chesney's "Don't Blink" to your playlist. Definitely an autumn song.
And after crying over the long blog about your aunt having a life outside of you and so on.....sniff, sniff-
i just wanted to let you know im glad your back in town. I missed you so much.
Sorry to hear about Bub's vertigo. i have had it several times cause of allergies, but never to that degree. that's awful. I know people who have suffered with it. It's pretty intense.
And i am secretly jealous that you have such a loving husband who will still go thru the effort to make you happy,(hence your new, old door made bar/garden table. looks perfect!

Call me soon, i have new medical tests to be run.
Ain't life grand!!!!!!!!!!!!!