Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Watching the changes~

My husband spotted this little cardinal momma a couple of weeks ago in our blackberry bush.

We have kept an eye on her nest ever since. How quickly these little birds go from dependant little "mouths" to flying away on their own! They will be gone any day now-

I'm always reminded of how short each phase in my life is when I watch it in fast motion through nature. I really do want to make the most of every day and enjoy there here and now while it is here!!!


Katie said...

Wow -- what wonderful pictures. You said in words what I've been feeling for a while -- how quickly time passes. And how nature allows us to watch its passing and to learn to appreciate each stage of life.

Thank you.

Beverly said...

Looking back, it seems that it was only yesterday that my hatchlings sought the warmth and comfort of their Momma. Now they are building their own nests and preparing to hatch their own some day. It all happens way too fast!

queenofdreamsz said...

The pictures are wonderful…wildlife and the seasons really have a way of showing us a slideshow of time passing by....best we be doing today something that will reflect happiness when we look back on it. Life's a journey and definitely not a dress rehearsal so we must live life like we mean it.

Hugs and Love to you…

Autumn said...

The baby birds flew away yesterday and I missed it!! I was too busy sewing to notice- my son came and told me they were gone. I had heard the momma earlier and wondered if she was nudging them out. It's my favorite thing to watch her get each one out. They are just like kids- some tumble out on their heads and others shrink back and need lots of prodding and coaxing.
I am blessed to watch a new set every year.
That's why we don't have a "country" cat. :)

smoothiejuice said...

i love watching the birds every year, and they are so quick to grow. I know one day mine will fly away too.