Monday, May 5, 2008

This may just look like Bubba to you but......




at work he is known as "SUPER_TECH"!!!

This morning when he returned to work after a tumultous few days(ok, a lot of days) off he was informed that he had been named,by  AT&T , as Super Tech.

It is a very high honor and though he will be modest about it ,I wanted you all to know about it!

He has been a 5 star employee/tech for the past 6 months. They are rated on job efficiency,professionalism,productivity,quality and customer courtesy. It is the highest honor the company offers to field technicians. He will be featured in the company website with a picture and interview in the days ahead.

I am so proud of him!! Can you tell? :)   It isn't easy for our husbands to leave the comforts of home every day and do things that are physically demanding and exhausting and to do it well in the heat,cold, and rain.  I KNOW he is a 5 star employee- I'm just glad that AT&T knows it too! :)


Bekah said...

woo hoo DADDY! Thats a rockin' picture of him on the telephone pole ( I forgot about that one). Go daddy! Go Daddy!

jason said...

Hey dad! welcome to Supertechdom!! whoo hoo! awesome job..