Monday, May 12, 2008

Smelling the roses!

I hope all of you mother's stopped to smell the roses today. Life with children can be so busy that we FORGET to stop and listen to sound of their giggle or the make believe fun they have.

We worry about potty training and changing the beds and we forget to build camps in the living room and play tea party with make believe tea.

It's so cliche' sounding but the time really is gone before ya know it- ask any mother who has been without those giggles for  a while- it grows dim in your memory and you long to hear it again.

So take a deep breath and take in that sweetness while you can!!!


Heather Guillory said...

Thank you so much for reminding me!! Even though is was mother's day. My patience was tried every time I turned around. I worried about potty training and I changed beds. LOL I did stop for just a moment to enjoy Luke and Faith giggling like wild monkeys.I already feel lost when they are all outside playing and it is so quiet in the house.

ps I missed you today
Happy Mother's day