Thursday, May 8, 2008

Plugging away still....

Well my momma and I are still plugging away at settling my aunts estate.

I'm afraid I have several more of these to do alone- I am the last in my family and while both my parents are healthy they are in their 70's -80's and I have no living siblings.

That means LOTS of STUFF to deal with- and I do mean STUFF.

See this jewelry? This was just what was on top of the dresser- there were drawers,boxes,tins and ziplocs with every kind of bauble you can imagine! Same thing with pretty hankies towels and tons of other STUFF!
So as therapy I sew and put it out of my head- don't want to get too cluttered- :)
I can't wait to mail off my blocks for the swap- I think I will make a table cloth out of mine.


Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

It must quite an overwhelming job to sort through a lifetime of memories & things. So glad that you're staying balanced and taking time to sew and relax.

Your blocks are darling!


smoothiejuice said...

Your blocks are lovely. Here mine sit..not sewn together yet...I need to get on are an inspiration.

marilyn said...

I know that you know i have a fetish for old jewelry.
being the great friend, i am i would be more than happy to take some of this "stuff" off your hands.
Just kidding.
not really.
no, really im kidding.
actually, i just don't want any of it to end up at goodwill.
I'm always thinking up ideas with that stuff and old buckles. fabric covered ones, mother of pearl, an so on.
after you've gone thru it, and shared with all your children. i would love the scraps.
Now for a reality check, i have been thinking of you and your mom.
Press on. each day i have to say, get up, and press on. Why? i ask myself. I don't know.
Just press on.
i love you, friend.

Autumn said...

Maire- you will get some pieces for sure- there is just so much stuff that it gets overwhelming to think of. If it was all here it would be something I could see working at little by little but from 6 hrs away it seems gargantuan- don't 'cha just love THAT word????
I never get around to using the phone anymore-
I am thinking of you with that wedding! I was going to try to ride with Gwen & Liz but where I'll be is still up in the air-maybe Dallas.

Where is your blog???? Isee your profile so get busy-after the wedding of course :)