Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Awards night

Tonight was Awards Night for the Parish 4H  groups. I have to admit, I thought I was through with awards nights when we started home-schooling. Most of the kids , because our time & resources were limited, were not able to participate in club things.With Luke being the "lone-ranger" it sort of seems to be a necessary sacrafice. Oh, I'm proud of his accomplishments , it's just that the meeting itself is unbelievably boring and LOOOOONG!!!
In fact all the kids in the home school group really won a lot of awards- that was very refreshing! A really nice group of kids,too.
Probably the funniest thing was watching Louis W. and my husband fall asleep during the ceremony. Then it was even funnier watching them TRY to stay awake!!! They kept checking the time and the program to see where we were in the program. Finally I heard my husband teasing Louis because, he said, " You'll still have to do this in 5 years and I won't!!!" (Luke will be out of school in 2-3 years - Caleb will just be in jr.high )
Ah, the funny things about being older parents!!!!