Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Thrifting just got better!!!!!

Look at this fantastic table!

I know everyone doesn't care for primitive style but it is MY style. Has been for over 20 years!!

I spotted this table on the side of the road on Sunday afternoon- but we whizzed by so fast my hubby said, "Oh, it probably wasn't that great-I'm hungry-Lets just go home and eat."
So we did.
Yesterday as my daughter was leaving my house she spotted it and picked it up. She was so excited that she hauled it to her new home which thankfully for me, has too small a living room for this piece!
Yep- that's right I snatched it up when she just couldn't make it fit her place.
Just made my day!


Nancy Jo said...

Well now what a shame about that table not fitting over at your daughters house. These things can be very up setting. Thank goodness you were able to take it, and help her out with this problem. It looks like a really good find. Did you have a table their before?
The wedding shower picture is so nice, and the quilts, what a good idea.

pumpkin seed said...

That table looks amazing in your living room!

Autumn said...

Yeah- What a shame!!!
The table that was there before was much smaller- bigger is better for me!!!
More room to work on!
You know a mother will do ANYTHING to help her daughter!!:)

The shower really was very nice- it's hard to take pictures when your part of the honoree's family.
I'm used to being the hostess not the guest!!!

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Aren't you the lucky girl!

queenofdreamsz said...

On the side of the road, beside or in the dumpster, thrift store....all so much fun when you find a real treasure! You've trained your daughter well! :o)

I just recently found a vintage McCoy ceramic planter piece at the Salvation Army for 49 cents..woohoo!!